life or something like it

Life or Something like it

Monday, September 24, 2012

Marcus Turns 1


Yesterday was Marcus' Birthday! So we had a small Sailboat theme Party with close friends and Family. It was a Perfect day!

Matt and I really enjoyed preparing for his birthday. I made the banner and Matt made the wooden sailboat that was on top of the cake. That being said, it was A LOT of work! So we decided to box up everything and re-use it for when we have the next baby! Ha!

Marcus took his first step on his birthday (just like his Daddy did on his first Birthday)!
He did exactly what I thought he would with his Birthday cake....NOTHING! Did not want to touch it, even when I gave him icing he was not interested. As soon as I gave him a blueberry muffin that I made for the babies, he was all over it! Let's see how long that lasts!

Marcus had a great time at his party! He got to play with a bunch of his baby friends and all his new toys! It was a lot of fun!

He has such a sweet Spirit and I am so grateful that God gave us this little boy!


Here are some Pictures of his birthday party! What a Doll!

So grateful that Marcus has Such wonderful grandparents and Lots of Aunts and Uncles who love him and are apart of his life. Family is EVERYTHING!

Happy Birthday my Dear Boy! Looking forward to what this next year has to bring!

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