life or something like it

Life or Something like it

Monday, September 24, 2012

Marcus Turns 1


Yesterday was Marcus' Birthday! So we had a small Sailboat theme Party with close friends and Family. It was a Perfect day!

Matt and I really enjoyed preparing for his birthday. I made the banner and Matt made the wooden sailboat that was on top of the cake. That being said, it was A LOT of work! So we decided to box up everything and re-use it for when we have the next baby! Ha!

Marcus took his first step on his birthday (just like his Daddy did on his first Birthday)!
He did exactly what I thought he would with his Birthday cake....NOTHING! Did not want to touch it, even when I gave him icing he was not interested. As soon as I gave him a blueberry muffin that I made for the babies, he was all over it! Let's see how long that lasts!

Marcus had a great time at his party! He got to play with a bunch of his baby friends and all his new toys! It was a lot of fun!

He has such a sweet Spirit and I am so grateful that God gave us this little boy!


Here are some Pictures of his birthday party! What a Doll!

So grateful that Marcus has Such wonderful grandparents and Lots of Aunts and Uncles who love him and are apart of his life. Family is EVERYTHING!

Happy Birthday my Dear Boy! Looking forward to what this next year has to bring!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Vacay in UTAH

Matt, Marcus and I went on our Summer vacation to Utah this year! We figured it was a good place to take our baby on his first vacation (a resort doesn't sound appealing with a baby at this point- sand in his mouth, too much sun AND Marcus sleeping in a tiny hotel room with us (which means we have to be quite after 8pm) NO THANKS!

So we stayed at Matt's Aunt and Uncles vacation home on a Mountain just outside of Park City! 4 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms all to ourselves seemed like plenty of room ;)

My dearest friend Emma and her Husband Matt and babe are living there for the summer as well as the Missionary who Baptised me and his wife. A couple of Matt's Mission companions and their wives were in the area as well, SO I thought it would be a great opportunity to surprise them by showing up at their house. Too bad we got lost going through the Canyon and ended up in the Alpine loops Mountain Ha! All in all it was a great trip!

Starting with Marcus' first plane ride- he slept 2hrs on the way there and 2.5 hrs on the way home. Total flight was 3hrs and 25mins- Then we were luck enough to be sitting by a 4yr old ball of ENERGY little girl who sang, played peek-a-boo and told make believe stories to Marcus the rest of the way. I wanted to secretly film this little girl cause she was hilarious but Matt advised me not to do so :(

We had a ball enjoying time with great friends, food and real relaxation.

                                                       OH MARCUS- such a character!

We got to visit a couple Temples, Cafe Rio, BYU Creamery, Cheesecake Factory, did a couple hikes and relaxed.

What was really great is that Marcus had his little buddy William to play with most of the time.

 You know you're in UTAH when......
 Marcus slept GGRREEAAAT on this trip. Hitting around 12-13 hrs straight every night- no wakes, and 2 full naps during the day. Apparently a lot of babies sleep this long here-I thought 10-11 hrs was good! I wasn't complaining!

A lot of ppl have asked how he did being in the car so much. I would periodically go and sit with him in the back seat but he was usually too busy to spend time with mom. He would organize his mini books or articles of clothing for at least 45mins at a time.

Marcus hit a real Milestone while we were on Vacation. He started crawling on all fours(instead of army crawl which hes been doing for months), climes up on furniture, claps hands, points to the lights, raises hands to the ceiling when we say YAY, and is just all around more busier....and more FUN!

Thank you Emma, Matt, Mike and Lateesha- we had so much fun with you guys- till we meet again :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Few tricks up his sleeve

Marcus JUST turned 10 Months the other day and he is learning so much by the minute. I just love interacting with him through out the day and am astonished on how much he knows and understands already.
 quick clip of a few tricks he has up his sleeve.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Fun in the Sun

Summer so far has been really busy and a lot of HARD work soaking up the sun at my in-laws pool or spending the afternoons at the beach playing in the sand with Marcus. Not to mention all the play dates with marcus' buddies. Ok Ok weekend getaway trips to Toronto or Palmyra wiped us out! Ha! No for real, it has been amazing!So happy to be on mat leave in the summer.

Marcus is the perfect age for his first summer. He is so much fun and so easy going that doing anything is enjoyable and entertaining.

Marcus is 9.5 months old-wow, cant believe it myself. Quick re-cap on his development;

His new favorite tricks are;

 Clapping on demand,
 Clicking noises with his tongue,
 Hive fives,
Crawling all over the place,
Repeats the words "all done" after finishing his books "sounds like"uh da"
He LOVES to laugh, kiss and pull my hair
He eats everything- finger food snacks include- homemade baby blueberry muffins, quinoa or couscous salads, goats milk marble cheese, hummus and pinto bean and flax seed chips, plums, watermelon, whole wheat pasta, scrambles egg yolk, and loves goats milk with his dinner. (we have no allergies in our family- so Doc recommended we introduce anything and everything.

He loves the Vacuum. usually I will put him in his high chair and let him watch while I do the floors. If I go out of site with the vacuum he freaks. As soon as I show him it, he starts smiling and talking to it.

Sleeps through out the night(10 to 12 hrs uninterrupted)
poops 5-7 times A DAY-no joke
Loves when daddy comes home-lights right up and yells dadda a hundred times.
favorite toy- wooded train, owl stuffy from uncle Timmy
sleeps with blankie that I made him
Plays wonderful with other babies or children-
not a clingy baby-pretty independent but always receptive to cuddles and tickles throughout the day
Just got his FIRST hair cut and it was a disaster. Turned his head at the moment Matt was cutting the side and clippers when right to the front. He literally has no hair on the sides and back and a long patch on top ha- poor baby. good thing he could care less!

We had  a play date recently - we all made homemade baby safe body paint and let them go wild on a sheet. Marcus HATED it. Didn't not like to get his hands or any body part for that matter dirty with paint("cough cough"just like his momma) Maelle did a great job getting him use to the paint by using him as a canvas.

Trip to Pageant Palmyra NY. So much fun!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby's 1st day at the BEACH

Well the Long weekend has finally come and we couldn't be more excited to spend time with our family and friends while enjoying this gorgeous weather.

We thought Saturday would be a great day to take Marcus to the beach with Grammy and Grandpa Cochrane, and the rest of the Klan- He loved it and was such a good boy. He soaked in the gigantic lake, watched the sea gals as they flew by and examined the soft glandular pieces of rocks. It was a HOT day but the water was still too cold- Marcus could only bare to keep one foot in the water.

Loves his Grammy as he strokes her chin!

Such a Little Beach Bum-

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Henrietta you Naughty Bird!

Meet Henrietta-

She is our momma bird. She has live outside our house for the last several years. Every year she builds a new nest in a new place. She usually lays two to three robin eggs that are just so adorable.

However, this year I take issue with her. She is slacking in the ...lets say home making department. Her nest's have gotten sloppier each year.

We currently have one in our out door light and though I constantly remind Matt NOT to turn the light on-so no bird roasting takes place, I am constantly tidying up her loose end strands that hang down.

Last years Nest


This years Nest

Come ON Henrietta!!!! I know being a momma bird is hard work but this is a little much.
if she wasnt so dang delightful....

Happy Spring everyone!~